A New Approach to Sewer Inspection in Oahu

Founded in 2021 by a group of Sewer Scope certified technicians with years of experience, KM Sewer Inspections brings the most advanced inspection techniques to Oahu.

We do not carry out repairs! What’s different about KM is that our equipment is used to more accurately identify the nature and location of any faults in your plumbing system.

By contrast, many established rooter or repair companies use cheap sewer scopes to gain drain and side sewer access. They then create exorbitantly high bids for unnecessary work, with the crucial details hidden in massive amounts of paperwork.

Why KM Sewer?

KM puts an end to that practice. Now you are equipped to shop around for the best quote, with extremely detailed, precise information on the nature of the fault. This approach can save you thousands of dollars.

Show our documents to one of the many excellent Oahu plumbing specialists, and they will crack on with the repair for you.

The results and findings of our sewer line inspections are presented digitally in an easy-to-understand format, at prices that are reasonable and transparent.